I help busy people recover after concussion.

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Every brain has potential.

You and your brain are incredibly resilient! Recovery from concussion is possible.

I saw 7 different specialists over 9 months before finding Melissa. Melissa is the only provider to treat all my symptoms because she truly sees the whole body as a system and addresses how a concussion affects you in ways I never considered were connected.
— Andrea P.
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I am obsessed with helping patients learn strategies to optimize their brain health.

I help busy people just like you recover from concussion, old concussions, brain fog, migraines and other brain related issues.


Rehab Lab Approach

Lead by registered nurse and functional neurology specialist, Melissa Biscardi, the Rehab Lab framework for concussion recovery is individualized for each patients needs and based on the latest evidence and thousands of clinical cases.

Proven consistent results to maximize your brain recovery.

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Concussed, Now What?

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