Brain based Exercises



The brain is a muscle and it needs stimulation just like the rest of your muscles do. Using brain based exercises tailored to your brains specific needs, your brain can actually grow stronger, more resilient and work and communicate with the rest of your body better.

By now we know that what we eat maters. But, it may matter more then you think! We use a tried and true brain based diet protocol that supports healing and reduces inflammation. Our food can be medicine but on the contrary some food set us even further back from our goals.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is not only good for pumping blood through the body and brain, it is great for supporting healthy nervous system activity. We initiate aerobic activity early in rehab and gradually and safely initiate return to play/regular activity levels.

Manual Therapy

Anytime a concussion happens whiplash also happens. In treatment both the concussion and the whiplash must be treated. Manual therapy such as cranial sacral therapy and osteopathic manual therapy can help release tension on tissues of the head and neck, reduce pain and restore movement.