Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Osteopathic therapy focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the body as a whole. Osteopathic therapy is based on the principle that the alignment of the body and joints are the basis for a healthy and well functioning body. Just like the wheels on a car, your joints work better when they are aligned. Poor alignment leads to injury, poor posture, headaches, digestive issues, impaired circulation and many other problems. Osteopathic treatment makes use of gentle manual therapies to release restrictions in the fascia, muscles and joints, promote healing and provide relief from pain. Removing restrictions and improving the position of muscles, ligaments and joints to helps individuals achieve and maintain proper biomechanics, improves the flow of fluids and allows for more efficient function, helping patients achieve natural pain relief and improved overall function.

Functional Neurology

Functional neurology is a way of assessing and treating how the brain FUNCTIONS. This makes it a powerful treatment option after concussion and brain optimization as we age. Through careful assessment, a functional neurologist can not only determine which areas of a person’s brain is not well, but also devise an appropriate treatment/rehabilitation exercises to improve the quality of how their nervous system functions.

The Rehab Lab uses a functional neurological approach for:  

  • Concussion

  • Brain fog

  • Optimizing brain health

  • And more...

Based on the principle of neuroplasticity, functional neurology focuses on improving brain health and creating new connections in the brain. Functional neurology uses various receptors such a vision, hearing and joint receptors to activate the brain so there is more communication and higher functioning in the brain.


ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire), or more easily translated to Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation of the Spine are revolutionary postural techniques designed by osteopath Guy Voyer for widening (decompressing) the spaces between vertebra or the bones in your spine. Over time due to gravity, aging and postural stress it is no secret that we shrink- problems arise when the spaces shrink and compress on discs, nerves and other tissues in the area. ELDOA postures are extremely effective in helping to treat chronic back back, acute back issues, poor posture and many other issues.  ELDOA exercises, when done on a regular basis, can help offset many of the risk factors that can cause degeneration and herniation of the intervertebral discs. ELDOA postures are often given as homework exercises. In addition, ELDOA group classes are offered on-site. 

Medical Acupuncture 

Medical acupuncture as an effective treatment technique to reduce/relieve pain and improve the muscle function. Fine acupuncture needles are used with a gentle electric pulse. Medical acupuncture works well in combination with osteopathic therapy to improve circulation and muscle function. Medical acupuncture accelerates recovery from sports injury and after surgery. Patients suffering from injury or from chronic pain will experience significant improvement in pain and functioning when medical acupuncture is used in treatment.

Melissa is registered with the following associations:

  • Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association

  • National Manual Osteopathic Society

  • International Association of Functional Neurology

  • Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

  • College of Nurses of Ontario